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I’m smitten with Colorado’s Margot Elena‘s (aka the brains behind Tokyo Milk, Love & Toast and Lollia) newest bath & body collection, Library of Flowers. For lovers of thoughtful, gorgeous packaging design, this “American Small Batch Perfumery” hits the spot with colorful floral illustrations and handwritten typography – awesome for gift-giving! (As always, click to shop!)

L of F-Arboretum * L of F-Arboretum_0 L of F-Arboretum_Bubble Bath L of F-Arboretum_Eau de Parfume L of F-Arboretum_Handcreme L of F-Arboretum_Soap

L of F-Field and Flowers * L of F-Field and Flowers_0 L of F-Field and Flowers_Handcreme L of F-Field and Flowers_Luminary L of F-Field and Flowers_Parfume Crema L of F-Field and Flowers_Parfume L of F-Field and Flowers_Soap

L of F-Honeycomb * L of F-Honeycomb_0 L of F-Honeycomb_Eau de Parfume L of F-Honeycomb_Handcreme L of F-Honeycomb_Luminary L of F-Honeycomb_Parfum Crema L of F-Honeycomb_Soap

L of F-Linden * L of F-Linden Handcreme L of F-Linden_0 L of F-Linden_Eau de Parfume L of F-Linden_Luminary L of F-Linden_Parfume Creme L of F-Linden_Soap

L of F-True Vanilla * L of F-True Vanilla_0 L of F-True Vanilla_Eau de Parfume L of F-True Vanilla_Handcreme

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