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So, as you’re no doubt aware if you’ve been keeping up with recent entries; it’s been a seriously lame spring in this neck of the woods. A cold, rainy, total crap spring. And then – to add insult to injury – a series of thunderstorms hit over the course of the last few days; falling ginormous trees everywhere (I mean, the city was literally littered with trees and tree limbs) and leaving a quarter million homes without power. Pretty epic. And while I was fortunate enough to escape the worst of it (my neighbor’s 5′ fence did manage to topple over onto a goodly portion of my garden and we were living by candlelight for a spell), this all began less that 24 hours after I put the finishing touches on my new outdoor lounge. With the heat and humidity as it is, I expect the cushions will be dry sometime in September. And yet, today finally feels like summer. So today I’m turning my back on the spring that wasn’t, and nourishing my soul with a little sunshine. Soul Food by Martina Topley-Bird from the album Anything, 2004.