The ABC’s of Carpets


The last time I was in New York, I found myself completely spellbound by these incredibly colored, seemingly sunwashed rugs scattered about the showroom floor at ABC Carpet. They’re part of an ocean-inspired collection called Aquasilk. “Hand-woven by indigenous weavers in India using the finest recycled Sari silk, each unique design takes six to nine months to produce. Over-dyed with translucent layers of color, brilliant traces of patter emerge through the iridescent silk surface to compose mesmerizing, painterly compositions.” Mesmerizing, indeed. (As always click to shop! Oh – and yes, prices listed are in US dollars, not pesos…)

11'7"x15'9", $23,700
11’7″x15’9″, $23,700


7’10″x12’4″, $12,600
7’18″x9’6″, $9500
7’9″x10’0″, $10,100
5’11″x9’8″, $3,800 (sale)
5’2″x6’10, $6,400
11'7"x14'3", $29,700
11’7″x14’3″, $29,700

Aquasilk: Story from ABC Carpet & Home on Vimeo.

Aquasilk Film from ABC Carpet & Home on Vimeo.

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