Minimalist Movies

Today is brought to you by Joe of Monster Gallery, a self-described “one man sweat shop” based in Singapore. He’s carved out a niche in the world of retro-inspired prints with a pop culture flavor. His re-imagining of movie posters in a mid-century minimalist style are pretty darn awesome. The prints come in a number of different sizes (4×6, 12×16, 16×22) and range in price from $8 – $32 USD. (Or, for $99 bucks, you can get a set of 35 4×6 prints!) Click on any image to visit his shop.

Monster Gallery_Dial MMonster Gallery_ _JawsMonster Gallery_ North by NorthwestMonster Gallery_ Reservoire DogsMonster Gallery_ Singing in the RainMonster Gallery_Rear WindowMonster Gallery_ TitanicMonster Gallery_Vertigo

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