Fall WInter 2013 Fashion Colors in Intimates from CSI

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Color Solutions International (CSI) is a division of the DyStar Group, (a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry) that offers color standards and color communication tools for designers and manufacturers. Located in Charlotte NC, they offer insights on color trends for the fashion and home textiles industry. Today’s post showcases the fashion color trends they have forecasted for the Autumn / Winter 2013 season in the intimates category.

"Sweet Affection" - light pastel colors that carry a happy, feminine feel
“Sweet Affection” – Light pastel colors that carry a happy, feminine feel
"Sacred Nature" - A rich palette composed of red and fuchsia with vibrant blue and gold, pays tribute to the beauty of antiquity.
“Sacred Nature” – A rich palette composed of red and fuchsia with vibrant blue and gold, pays tribute to the beauty of antiquity.
"Oriental Charm" - Jewel tones are combined with modern earthy midtones that bring newness to the season and open possibilities for more interesting color combinations and intricate prints.
“Oriental Charm” – Jewel tones are combined with modern earthy midtones that bring newness to the season and open possibilities for more interesting color combinations and intricate prints.

Today’s Track – Mexico, The Staves

I spent Memorial Day weekend gardening, which should be a truly blissful thing. Let me be more specific: gardening under the clouds and raindrops in the freezing cold; dressed in multiple long-sleeved layers and cozy scarf. Summer, this is not. So I figured I’d transport myself with this ultra mellow ode to warmer, sunnier shores. Mexico, the single, by The Staves, 2011.

the staves

2013 National Stationery Show Favorite

Moglea_Logo 2

Each year, I’ve been selecting one brand to highlight as “best in show” from the National Stationery Show in NYC. Which is actually no small feat; the caliber of new talent is pretty extraordinary out there. (I’ll be featuring lots of it over the next few weeks!) This year, my selection is Moglea, a letterpress studio in rural Iowa run, 67 miles from the nearest Starbucks. (Egad… That boggles the mind. I have one on the main floor of my office building and sometimes that seems inconveniently distant.) Designer Meg Gleason started the company a few years ago by offering custom stationery, and just last year launched her first retail line. Her eye for typography, playful handwritten text and sophisticated yet whimsical design sense make for a really fresh perspective. (Apologies in advance: I don’t have great photos of her newest stuff – the stuff I fell head over heals with – just my dark & blurry hurried camera shots. Yes, I could have waited to get fab pics, but I was just too anxious to post this! Keep checking her Etsy shop; they’ll be available soon!)


Moglea_NSS Booth


Freaking Awesome Letterpress Card, $7.50
Freaking Awesome Letterpress Card, $7.50
Happy Birthday To You Letterpress Card, $7.50
Happy Birthday To You Letterpress Card, $7.50
Just a Little Note Card, $6
Just a Little Note Card Letterpress Flat Card with Lined Envelope, $6
You Bless Me Letterpress Flat Card with lined envelope, $6
You Bless Me Letterpress Flat Card with lined envelope, $6
Leafy Greens Collage Card, $6.50
Leafy Greens Collage Card, $6.50

Moglea_Florals 1Moglea_Custom Birth Announce_1Moglea_Custom Birth Announce_2Moglea_Custom Birth Announce_3

Moglea Studio_PrintMoglea Studio_CowMoglea Biz Cards

Three Days in NYC

Just returned from a whirlwind traipse through Manhattan, where I attended the National Stationery Show and International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I squeezed in a few other fun things too, like wandering central park, the MOMA and exploring retail possibilities (in terms of what I might “need” to own). So, I thought I’d do something a little different today, by sharing an on-the-fly, visual travelogue of my adventure (made possible by the wonders of the pic stitch app; don’t have it yet? Get it HERE). Let me know what you think!


Digital Distractions

Oh, goodness. When I watched this video, it not-so-gently raised a mirror to my face. Yes, I’m that person who has my smart phone glued to my hip; checking Twitter, email, Flipbook and, yes, frittering hours away, lost in the world of Pinterest. As a matter of fact, the other night I was totally stressed and sleepy and instead of going to bed or folding my laundry, I found myself watching a video of a Japanese cat who likes boxes. (which you can find here. Fair warning: there are literally 258 videos of this silly cat, including one that has been viewed by over 15 million people. Not that I watched all of them…) Makes me realize that the act of just “being” – which I used to be a pro at – has become a wee bit too foreign, and I could use a lot more time in the present, undistracted. Let me know if you see yourself here too so I don’t feel like I’m the only one!

Today’s Track – Trouble, José James

Just got back from Manhattan, so I thought I’d feature a New York-based artist (who was actually born in Minneapolis), with a bluesy ballad that takes the edge off reentering the daily grind. Trouble by José James from the album No Beginning No End, 2013.

Jose James Ne Beginning No End Album Art

Dissolving Boundaries: 2014 Interior Color Trends from MM for Lenzing


MM trends, created in 1998 by textile designer Marie-Louise Rosholm, is an international, dynamic and ever evolving collective of creative people possessing different skills: fashion and textile designers, interior architects, art craft persons, illustrators, photographers, trend consultants, and colour experts. They predict color and textile trends for both fashion and home industries, and create luscious visuals to inspire designers. Here’s their quite heady interior color trend forecast, “Dissolving Boundaries” for the year 2014.


Minimalist Movies

Today is brought to you by Joe of Monster Gallery, a self-described “one man sweat shop” based in Singapore. He’s carved out a niche in the world of retro-inspired prints with a pop culture flavor. His re-imagining of movie posters in a mid-century minimalist style are pretty darn awesome. The prints come in a number of different sizes (4×6, 12×16, 16×22) and range in price from $8 – $32 USD. (Or, for $99 bucks, you can get a set of 35 4×6 prints!) Click on any image to visit his shop.

Monster Gallery_Dial MMonster Gallery_ _JawsMonster Gallery_ North by NorthwestMonster Gallery_ Reservoire DogsMonster Gallery_ Singing in the RainMonster Gallery_Rear WindowMonster Gallery_ TitanicMonster Gallery_Vertigo

Today’s Track – Uncertain Smile, The The

I needed something uplifting today, in a comforting, familiar kinda way. Takes me back to – well, I won’t say exactly – but to the day’s of stress-free work environments, where punching a clock meant you couldn’t take it with you. Off to NYC tomorrow where I hope to find a good dose of rejuvenation… Uncertain Smile by The The from the album Soul Mining, 2013. (It starts real, real quiet – give it a few seconds to get going, k?)

The The Soul Mining Album Art

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