Spring Summer 2014 Trends from Lenzing

Lenzing Logo

Considering that it’s still cold and snowy in these parts (yes, really. sigh.), I could really use a jolt of spring color! Today’s post comes via Lenzing, an Austrian company known best for fiber / textile production that also offers great trend insights. Here’s their forecast of incoming color trends for the Spring Summer 2014 season in Womens, Mens and kid’s fashion…

SS14 Trend Color_1.0SS14 Trend Color_1.1SS14 Trend Color_1.2SS14 Trend Color_2.0SS14 Trend Color_2.2SS14 Trend Color_2.3SS14 Trend Color_3.0SS14 Trend Color_3.1SS14 Trend Color_3.2SS14 Trend Color_4.0SS14 Trend Color_4.1SS14 Trend Color_4.2SS14 Trend Color_5.0SS14 Trend Color_5.1SS14 Trend Color_5.2SS14 Trend Color_6.0jpgSS14 Color Trend_WomenSS14 Color Trend_MenSS14 Color Trend_GirlsSS14 Color Trend_Boys

One thought on “Spring Summer 2014 Trends from Lenzing

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  1. Wonderful, lovely, thrilling, great, thank you for all those colors –
    as good as that the sun came out from behind those clouds, today.
    love, mom

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