Fall WInter 2014 Fashion Trends from Texworld, Paris

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Today I’m sharing the Fall Winter 2014 seasonal direction trends in Women & Men’s Fashion that was presented last fall at Texworld in Paris. It’s a heady exploration of four unique themes: Conscientious Ricochet, Fundamental Awakening, Quixotic Reincarnation and Virtuous Revival. To really get the full effect, I’d encourage you to read/download the full trendbook text (click HERE), though if you’re just looking for inspiring visuals, keep scrolling!


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.


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2 thoughts on “Fall WInter 2014 Fashion Trends from Texworld, Paris

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  1. Dear Blue Birgitt,

    I really love your blog for me it is fashion/style/colour haven 🙂 Is it allowed to use your pictures on in my newsletter and website, I really hope so. I am an image consultant/personal shopper and I use all kind of pictures form the world wide web. Ofcourse I tell that I got everything from you like thanks to bleubergitt and hyperlnk to your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m glad you enjoy my blog! I do not own the rights to the images I utilize; they are owned by the photographers and companies that provide them.

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