Best of the Brits – part 1

Fridays are for fun, right? So I thought I’d feature a few of the European commercials that were honored by the 2012 British Arrow Awards. I saw these last month at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, where they make it an annual holiday tradition to showcase the brilliant bits of advertising fodder for a month-long run in their cinema. Hope they provide a fun little pre-weekend diversion!

A Feline version of the Sharks? Amusing, yet somehow the possibility is haunting, no? (“Cats with Thumbs” for Cravendale by Wieden + Kennedy London; Smith and Jones Films, directed by Ulf Johansson)

A cautionary tale in which classy beats trashy once again – and still gets to have all the fun. (“Walk of Shame” for Harvey Nichols Womenswear by DDB UK; the Love Commercial Production Company; directed by James Rouse)

Okay, while not funny or anything; I adore this spot. First of all, it makes me want to get to know all my neighbors better. But also, I think it’s amazing how un-idealized – how very genuinely authentic – this is presented in terms of material possessions. That creates a space for a viewer to focus only on how much they’d like to join in the experience; to connect with friends and family in a real way. Brilliant. (“Emergency Chairs” for KFC by BBH; Blink; directed by Benito Montorio.)

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