Making Spirits Bright

Over the next few weekends, many of us will be headed off to one festive soiree after another, bottle of wine in hand in recognition of the fact that said hostess did all the prep work (cleaning, cooking, sprinkling copious amounts of twinkle lights around, et al), and all you did was stop by the liquor store. So, why not be a bit creative this season by opting for an interesting bottle with unexpected flair and an awesome design. Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you in the mood to make a statement. (Caveat: No, I have not tried all of these libations; ergo, there is some risk that behind the lovely design lurks a beverage that tastes like liquid coal. But what the heck; live dangerously…)

VI Novell Wine

X Wine Labels

VL92 Gin

7 Plagies Wine

Beach House Wine

Industry City Vodka

Blue Hugs Wine

Crazy Uncle Punch

Jaqk Wine Cellars

Table Wine


Outdoor Vino

Fox and Rabbit

Este Wine

Circus Wine Packaging

Glenrothes Scotch Whisky

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