Fall Fête

I don’t remember exactly when the baton was passed – but I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving now for what seems like several decades. I’ve never once sent out invitations; people just know to come, and to bring who they please, and to invite any strays who may be in the mood for a warm, friendly feast amongst the giggling ruckus that is my family. But in case you prefer the formality of a proper invite to request the presence of your guests, here are a few of my favorites this season. (As always, click to shop!)

Rifle Paper – Merigolds fill-in, $18/10
Steward Design Studios – Printable, $15
Vanilla Print – Typography customized letterpress, $2.29 each
Pearenthetical Press – Gobble customized, $12/6
Tiny Prints / Dwell Studio – Floral customized, $2.19 each
Tiny Prints / Dwell Studio – Tree customized, $2.19 each
Alethea and Ruth – Banner and Branches customized, $2.73 each
Girl in Gear Studio – Postcard set, $13.50/12
Penelope Poppy – Give Thanks customized, $2.93 each
Pearenthetical Press – Celtic Medallion customized, $12/6

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