Ghoulish Greetings

All Hallows’ Eve is on the horizon, and folks are gobbling up Halloween merchandise like a zombie munching brains. Come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve actually ever sent out a greeting card to wish someone a Happy Halloween… However, this crop of cool cards may just mark the tipping point.

Egg Press – Boo letterpress card, $5
Egg Press – Owl Tree diecut letterpress card, $6
Grant Design Collaborative – Bat card, $6.50
Whit & Whistle – Halloween banner card, $4
Moon Mud – Skull card, $2.50
When it Rains – Bite Me cards, $6 / set of 5
Shop Inviting – Gorey-esque umbrella note, $15 / set of 6
Kik Design – Boo hand-printed typography cards, $15 / set of 5
Pheasant Press – Spider letterpressed cards, $10 / set of 4
Green Bird Press – Trick or Treat letterpress card, $4.50
Great Arrow Graphics – Ghosts, $2.99
Great Arrow Graphics – Crow, $2.99
L2 Design Collective – Fright Night card, $4.25
Foxy and Winston – Scary Bunny card, $4.50

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