Judy, Judy, Judy!

Judy Ross possesses an modern, organic aesthetic that I find completely irresistable. While she’s now based in Manhattan, she spent some of the company’s early years in India, learning the centuries-old hand embroidery technique known as chain stitch. Two decades later, she still works with the same Kashmiri artisans she met in her time abroad. Each pillow is meticulously embroidered by hand using the finest, hand-dyed, 3-ply New Zealand wool. Much of the work she does is custom developed for interior designers, but she does have an extensive collection of “off-the-rack” pillows and a modest assortment of scarves, furniture and rugs.

Fauna 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Tabla 24″x24″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $260
Clover 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
DNA 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Arbor 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Seeds hand-printed linen pillow, $135
Spray 18″x18″ embroidered linen pillow, $215
Tabla Made-to-Order Rug
Necklace Made-to-Order Rug
Clover Made-to-Order Rug
Carousel Linen Stool, $950
Seed Chain Stitch Stool, $950
Embroidered Linen Bedcover

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