It Felt Good

Now that we’re squarely in autumnal weather patterns, I’m being drawn to things that feel warm and wooly.

Moufelt – Donut Wool Felt Trivet, $15
Moufelt – Donut Felt Table Runner, $70
Delica – Felted Wool Coaster Set, $28
Delica – Felted Wool Turquoise Bowl Duo, $65
Megan Auman – Wool Cup Cosy / Cuff, $32
Heather Lins Home – Wool Felt Botany Pillow, $220
Jilly Bean Things – Wool Felt Ruffle Pillow, $42
Fuzzy Logic Felt – Embroidered Wool Felt iPad Sleeve, $45
Fuzzy Logic Felt – Mustard Felt Envelope Clutch, $40
Fuzzy Logic Felt – Tea Cosy, $43
Aestivation Designs – Coral Wool Felt Placemat set of 4, $144
Alichu Studios – Zone Wool Felt Pillow, $65
Alichu Studios – Dottie Wool Felt Pillow, $65
Mixko – Red Wool Felt Butterfly Ring, $7
Pari Design – Felted Wool Magnet set of 4, $12
Pari Design – Felt Coaster set of 4, $20

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