Oh, K Studio!

Something made me stop in my tracks while walking the Gift Show in NYC last August. Something really quite stunning. There it was: a pillow. (I assume if you’ve been following this blog for a while now you’ve come to know I have a teeny-tiny pillow obsession…) This extraordinary little gem was simple enough – just a few polka dots scattered across a square linen shape. But the color! Those dots were embroidered in a vibrant neon mango that vibrated across the natural material like stars in the night sky. It seemed a radical departure for K Studio, a mother/daughter duo based in Grand Rapids, MI who are best known for textiles embroidered with delicately charming (and often a bit cheeky) character-driven illustrations. I so appreciate when a company with a well-estabished aesthetic is daring enough to explore fresh new direction.  (As always, click to shop!)

Dots Pillow, $134
Clematis Pillow, $152
Galapagos Finches Pillow, $152
Galapagos Seal Pillow, $160
Kudzu Pillow, $152
Clover Pouch, $34
Hawaii Pouch, $34
Animal Figures, $180 each
Balloons 32×40 Wall Art, $280
Sachet Set – Undies, $36

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