On to Orla!

After landing in London this morning, I find myself oh so very sleepy. (I’ve never mastered the art of sleeping on planes… Someone let me know if you have a secret method that actually works!) So today will be a slow, strolling kind of day. First stop (once I’ve enjoyed a peaceful latte… or two): Orla Kiely’s flagship store. Because I need* another one of her duvet covers, and you can’t get them in the US; but also because I have to believe a jolt of her playful patterns in person will help counteract my jet lag. Here are a few of the items I have my eye on…

*Once agin, using this term rather loosely.

Scribble Stem Duvet Cover, King £85.00
Rhododendron Duvet Cover, King £85.00
Flower Abacus Kitchen Apron, £35.00
Set of 4 Biscuit and Cracker Tins, £35.00
Multi Stem Tea Towel, £13.00
Sixties Stem Print iPad Sleeve, £60.00
Acorn Cup A5 Perfect Bound Notebook, £12.00
Flower Blossom Wide Shade – Table, £61.60
EVOKE Mio Radio, £150.00
Striped Petal Trowel, £19.95
Acorn Cup Recipe Box, £20.00
Stem Jacquard Pebble Collection, £3.50 – £36
Tiny Elm Print Sunglasses, £174.00
Bi Colour Stem Tiny Umbrella, £30.00
Sideboard Orange & White Doors, £1595

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