Packaged Good

Gloriously designed packaging is my achilles heel. Somehow, when the packaging is all lovely looking, I care not what the actual product might be like. (Case and point: Couldn’t resist the Orla Kiely patterned foaming hand soap from Method at Target. The fact that it smells like feet has yet to compel me to toss it.) So I consider it a terrific bonus when an extraordinary package adorns goods worthy of their dressing. Tokyo Milk is one that gets it right – giftable goods that are actually a pleasure to use. I mean, “Salted Caramel Lip Balm”? …Aah, life’s little luxuries!  (As always, click to shop!)

Let them Eat Cake Shea Butter Lotion, $20
Dead Sexy Shea Butter Lotion, $20
Sugar Bomb Mix-n-Match Fragrance Vials, $18
Rose Flower Soap, $11
Bee Soap, $11
Sweet Cream Bon Bon Lip Balm, $10
Crushed Shea Butter Handcreme, $22
Salted Caramel Lip Balm, $7
Paper & Cotton Parfum, $30
Let Them Eat Cake Parfum, $30
Your Kiss Is On My List Lipstick, $24
Sugar Plum Solid Parfum, $18

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