What a Gorey Halloween…

I’ve always found the work of Edward Gorey darkly fascinating, playfully strange and utterly enjoyable. The unapologetically absurd narrative and spooky yet quirky imagery of “The Object Lesson” seems perfectly appropriate for the holiday today. Happy Halloween, everyone – be safe and have fun!

The Painted Pumpkin Patch

I’ve started noticing a wide-spread trend towards “design-y” pumpkin art. Me – I’m a traditionalist. I like to get messy and carve them all up; creating silly, but simple, faces that glow from my front stoop, inviting in the urban trick-or-treaters. Still, some of these are really quite stunning, so I thought I’d share. NOTE: If you’ve been reading for a while, you’re likely aware that DIY is not exactly my forté. Meaning, if you’re looking for coaching on HOW to do this stuff; you’ve got the wrong gal. I just happen to think it’s kinda cool.

Ghoulish Greetings

All Hallows’ Eve is on the horizon, and folks are gobbling up Halloween merchandise like a zombie munching brains. Come to think of it, I don’t know that I’ve actually ever sent out a greeting card to wish someone a Happy Halloween… However, this crop of cool cards may just mark the tipping point.

Egg Press – Boo letterpress card, $5
Egg Press – Owl Tree diecut letterpress card, $6
Grant Design Collaborative – Bat card, $6.50
Whit & Whistle – Halloween banner card, $4
Moon Mud – Skull card, $2.50
When it Rains – Bite Me cards, $6 / set of 5
Shop Inviting – Gorey-esque umbrella note, $15 / set of 6
Kik Design – Boo hand-printed typography cards, $15 / set of 5
Pheasant Press – Spider letterpressed cards, $10 / set of 4
Green Bird Press – Trick or Treat letterpress card, $4.50
Great Arrow Graphics – Ghosts, $2.99
Great Arrow Graphics – Crow, $2.99
L2 Design Collective – Fright Night card, $4.25
Foxy and Winston – Scary Bunny card, $4.50

Today’s Track – Spooky Nerd, Pt II, Damn

A little something to add to the Halloween play list (that is definitely NOT the monster mash…). Spooky Nerd, Pt II by Damn from the album Youth Style, 2006.

Judy, Judy, Judy!

Judy Ross possesses an modern, organic aesthetic that I find completely irresistable. While she’s now based in Manhattan, she spent some of the company’s early years in India, learning the centuries-old hand embroidery technique known as chain stitch. Two decades later, she still works with the same Kashmiri artisans she met in her time abroad. Each pillow is meticulously embroidered by hand using the finest, hand-dyed, 3-ply New Zealand wool. Much of the work she does is custom developed for interior designers, but she does have an extensive collection of “off-the-rack” pillows and a modest assortment of scarves, furniture and rugs.

Fauna 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Tabla 24″x24″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $260
Clover 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
DNA 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Arbor 18″x18″ hand-embroidered chain stitch pillow, $195
Seeds hand-printed linen pillow, $135
Spray 18″x18″ embroidered linen pillow, $215
Tabla Made-to-Order Rug
Necklace Made-to-Order Rug
Clover Made-to-Order Rug
Carousel Linen Stool, $950
Seed Chain Stitch Stool, $950
Embroidered Linen Bedcover

Fall Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Trends – Color and Fiber in Women’s & Menswear

I tend to favor the trend analysis by SPINEXPO, if for no other reason than the imagery tends to be SO luscious! predictions for Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 are no exception; providing a clear (and inspiring!) a preview of upcoming fashion trends of the incoming mood, direction, color, and textural elements in Textile / Fiber / Knitwear for both Menswear and Womenswear. Here, they explore the idea of “Writing The Next Chapter” and reflecting on how this interprets into four strong global trend messages for the season ahead: Prologue, Genre, Narrative, and Epilogue.

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

Want additional autumn/winter trend resources for the season ahead? Click on “TREND”!

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  • TREND FW 2013-14 Fashion Color
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  • TREND FW 2013-14 Women’s Contemporary
  • TREND FW 2013 Men’s and Women’s Lifestyle
  • TREND FW 2013-14 Home Interiors

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Inviting Halloween Parties

Planning to host a ghoulish gala in honor of All Hallows’ Eve? Then it’s time to post the invite (in the mail – you remember mail, right?)! Here are a few of my favorite Halloween Invitations for your consideration.

Cartamodello – “Orange Stripes” customized print-at-home invite, $18
Biplane Press – “Spatter” customized letterpress invites, $100
Bright Side Prints – “Boo” customized invites, $25.35 / set of 15
Splendid Party – “Brew Ha Ha” printable invite, $10
Mama Moonlights – “Eat, Drink and be Scary” printable invite, $10
Martha Stewart – Make-it-yourself invite (for the very, very crafty)
ilee – “Crow” letterpress fill-in invitation, $13 / set of 8
Shop Inviting – “Hauntingly Good” letterpress fill-in invite, $20 / set of 8
Girl in Gear Studio – “Fangs” postcard invitation, $13.50 / set of 12
May Details – “Spooktacular” printable invite, $10
Kampai Designs – “Typography” printable invite, $18
Blush Printables – “Wicked” printable invite
Biplane Press – “Broomstick” letterpress fill-in invite, $45 / set of 25

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