Ceramica Botanica

What a fun discovery! Just ran across the work of Susan Rodriguez, a ceramicist based in San Antonio Texas, who is the founder of Ceramica Botanica. Each one of her brightly glazed, two-sided pieces (yes, there are patterns on both sides!) is handmade in her backyard clay studio, meaning most of the beautiful objects are one of a kind – plus she does “made-to-order”, in case you’ve got a vision for a customized collection of her work. (As always, click to shop!)

Mod Cobalt Blue Vase, $35
Squircle Service Bowl in Teal Tones, $60
Squircle Salad Plate in Aqua tones, $32
Oval Dish, $30 and Dinner Plate, $40
Rain Cup, $25 and Rain Dessert Plate, $32
Mod Pattern Bowl in Purple, $50
Lobster Red Large Geometric Vase, $65
Mod Chartreuse Oval Tray, $75
Mediterranean Pattern Serving Tray, $65 and Bowl, $25
Sienna Diamond Teardrop Serving Bowl, $50

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    1. Hello! Im not sure if she’s in any stores in your area, but her Etsy shop is a good bet to find a treasure or two! Click the link in the post and it’ll take you to her! Happy shopping!

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