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Last Holiday season, my hubby gave me the most incredible gloves. He found them at the Walker Art Center, where they were the very last pair and just happened to be my size. Made of the softest leather, they have a “peek-a-boo” feature in which a surprise of color appears between the fingers. I absolutely adore them. Fast forward 9 months (really? can that be right?); and I stumbled into the company that produces them while I was at the New York Gift Show. Turns out, they’re made by Mywalit, an Italian company best known for making handbags and wallets. They have quite an incredible range of colorful leather goods, each item equally as soft and vibrant as my beloved gloves. (As always, click to shop! – Although: buyer beware – shipping $ to the US looks pretty brutal; might want to look around for a local retailer in your area.)

Leather Gloves with colored finger accents, € 65.00

Ventaglio Wallets, € 70.00

Paris Collection Handbags (coming soon!)

Leather iPad Case, € 85.00

Leather Lady Purselet (coming soon!)

Travel Organisers

Strip leather messenger bag & wallet, € 225 – € 32

Tri-Fold Wallets, € 50.00

Duffle Collection, € 99 – € 125

Manhattan Collection (coming soon!)