Old School Letterpress

Who doesn’t need a “grandma-ism” or an old-timey lyric from time to time? I’m totally charmed by these nostalgic prints by the artisans at Starshaped Press. They stay true to the original craft of letterpress, using only antique and wood typefaces for printing along with a healthy dose of “midwestern gumption”. Now, if I can just figure out how to work “tickety boo” into my vernacular more often…

Shoe Fly Pie Letterpress Poster, $20
Straighten Up Poster, $15
Farmer’s Market Poster, $40
Patch of Blue Letterpress Poster, $15
Especially for You Letterpress Poster, $20
Tickety Boo Letterpress Print, $12
Jubilee Letterpress Poster, $20
Rose of My Heart Letterpress Print, $25

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