Fall Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Trends – Color Trends in Women’s Wear

From Design Options, a terrific CA-based color forecasting company: a preview of upcoming women’s fashion color trends for the Fall / Winter 2013–2014 seasons. Their outlook includes six distinct trends: Strike a Pose, Light Touch, Sole Statement, Fur Real, Balancing Act and Luxe So Good. Quite lovely, no?

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

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Today’s Track – Pop Art Blue, Zero 7

When I first started listening to this album, I just couldn’t bring myself to fall in love – it was such a departure from their earlier work. Until I let that go. No, this isn’t the same Zero 7 I became enraptured by at the Soho Grand all those years ago, but it’s got it’s own bit of goodness. Pop Art Blue by Zero 7 from the album Yeah Ghost, 2009.


Flotsam + Jetsam

Crazy for texture, I couldn’t help be drawn to these wild pillows at the New York Gift Show last August – what a great fall accessory! That is, until I noticed at the price ($450 for an 18″x18″, $360 for the 18″x12″), and became keenly aware these wouldn’t be coming home with me anytime soon. Flotsom + Jetsam originated as an interior design atelier in Philadelphia, and has since expanded its focus to hand-made decorative pillows and digital textile design. (As always, click to shop!)

Parrott Design Studio

I ran across this stationery designer on Pinterest, where her “Hooray” card seems to have quite a following! Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Parrott Design Studio is a boutique design and letterpress studio that offers a collection of letterpress note cards in addition to custom printed wedding and special event invitations. All cards shown below are $4 each. (As always, click to shop!)

Marvelous Marcel

Yes, I know that almost 19 million people have viewed these videos already – far more popular than the usual fare that I publish here. But lately I’ve come to realize that many folks I know are still unfamiliar with this brilliant little creature named Marcel. Created by the husband/wife team of writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp and writer/actress Jenny Slate (a SNL alum, who’s tenure was cut short due to an “F-word” utterance on live TV), this charming video series introduces us to the charming world of a shell named Marcel… Enjoy – and happy Friday!

Today’s Track – Untitled (How Does it Feel), D’Angelo

I was having a bit of a shop in Manhattan’s ABC Carpet, when this track started playing. And even though the PA system seemed fairly serious in insisting that the store was now closed, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. Not just yet, anyway – it was an absolute essential to sway all the way to the very last beat… Untitled (How does it Feel) by D’Angelo from the album Ultimate D’Angelo, 2004.


A Bunch of Fluf

Another cool find from the New York Gift Fair! What began in 2005 as a Toronto-based pillow company has morphed into a fun collection of useful, textile-based lifestyle accessories. This creative collaboration between a lawyer and interior decorator values sustainability, fresh design and “fanatic” customer service. (As always, click to shop!)

Little One Bag, $22 (sale)
Little One Bag, $26
Slouchy Bag, $64
Lunch Bag – Type, $19.50
Lunch Bag – Pear, $19.50
Snack Pack – Apples and Oranges (set of 2), $17.50
Large Reversible Bin, $36
Small Reversible Bin, $32
Big Zip Bag, $35

Kid’s Stuff: Fall Winter 2013 Color, Fashion and Lifestyle Trends

From Trend Bible, London-based experts in forecasting Kids Lifestyle, a look ahead at the Fall Winter 2013 season for the children’s market. They’ve identified four strong incoming themes, including: Forager (Moonlight Kingdom, anyone?), Organic Science (nature meets the lab), Curious (quirky, and a tad dark) and Winter’s Tale (folksy story time).

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

The 2013 Trendscape – a Vision by Maison et Objet

A heady, high-level look ahead at the key directional forces forecast for 2013 – through the eyes and imaginations of the astute trend contributors to Maison et Objet, the acclaimed trade fair held in Paris each January and September.  In French with English subtitles.

Today’s Track – Ooh Yeah, Moby

I feel like celebrating! So, how ’bout a dance-y tune with just the right sentiment in the chorus? {Happy Birthday to my hubby!} Ooh Yeah (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Mix) by Moby from the album Last Night, 2008.

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