Bella Donna

I can’t remember exactly where I was the first time I discovered the whimsical world of Donna Wilson. I suppose I was at Top Drawer in London or some such thing, and stumbled across a most unexpected tea towel. Picturing a high-haired character with the text “use my bee hive to dry your dishes”, this struck me as something altogether unique. Indeed, London’s Donna Wilson has a distinctive point of view; artsy yet modern, peculiar yet sophisticated, edgy yet homey. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Donna was named 2010’s “Designer of the Year” at Elle Decoration’s British Design Awards. And, if you should be in the market for a little knit cupcake with a cherry on the top (and who isn’t?), she’ll hook you up. (As always, click to shop!)

Bone China Squirrel Beaker, £14
Bone China Owl Plate, £21
Blah Blah Lambswool Throw, £180
Cloud Rain Cushion, £70.00
Rill the Raccoon Fox Soft Creature, £36.00
Rosie the Ladybird Soft Creature, £41.00
Patch Cat Soft Creature, £36.00
Bear Unframed Print, £45.00
Fox Unframed Print, £45.00
Notecards and Sticker Pack, £10.00
Notecards and Sticker Pack (detail)
Knitted Cupcake, £13.50
Moth Lavender Sachet, £11.00
Beehive Tea Towel, £11.20

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