London’s Lindsey Lang

Since it’s the Olympics and all, I thought we’d go ahead and have a bit of a shop through London. First stop: Lindsey Lang Design. Lindsey is a textile designer and illustrator who has recently launched her own collection of decorative products, including cushions (a.k.a.: “pillows”), kitchenware, trivets and even floor tiles. All products are handmade in Great Britain. (As always, click image to shop!)

Welsummer Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Ellipse Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Wildflower Field Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Ceramic Trivets and Coasters, £32.50 – £37.50
Pastel Ellipse Tea Towel, £19.00
Wildflower Tea Towel, £19.00
Yellowtone Kitchenware, £19.00 – £36.00
Wildflower Kitchenware, £19.00 – £36.00
Handmade Cement Flooring and wall tiles (price available upon request)

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