London’s Lindsey Lang

Since it’s the Olympics and all, I thought we’d go ahead and have a bit of a shop through London. First stop: Lindsey Lang Design. Lindsey is a textile designer and illustrator who has recently launched her own collection of decorative products, including cushions (a.k.a.: “pillows”), kitchenware, trivets and even floor tiles. All products are handmade in Great Britain. (As always, click image to shop!)

Welsummer Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Ellipse Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Wildflower Field Oblong Cushion, £75.00
Ceramic Trivets and Coasters, £32.50 – £37.50
Pastel Ellipse Tea Towel, £19.00
Wildflower Tea Towel, £19.00
Yellowtone Kitchenware, £19.00 – £36.00
Wildflower Kitchenware, £19.00 – £36.00
Handmade Cement Flooring and wall tiles (price available upon request)

Today’s Track – Something Beautiful, Trombone Shorty

Today has to be the most gorgeous, perfect day of the summer. In the mood to celebrate with a bit of R&B. Something Beautiful by Trombone Shorty (featuring Lenny Kravitz) from the album Backatown, 2010.

Oh, the Graphic Nature of this Post…

Another favorite from this year’s ICFF in New York. I’ve had my eye on Iannone’s amazing furniture for a few years now, but with nightstands starting in the $1300 range, and armoires topping out around $4K, they’re a wee bit out of my reach today. Even so, they are beyond extraordinary and hopefully, one day, I’ll be a proud owner (a girl can dream, right?). Michael Iannone is the designer behind the Philadelphia-based brand, “dedicated to the creation of eco-friendly modern furniture”. His blend of graphic nature imagery, clean lines and sustainable / green materials  creates bold statement pieces that are somehow both modern and homey.  Photo links will take you directly to their website, however most of their range is available for retail sale on-line at 2Modern.

Hot Hues! Spring Summer 2013 Color Trends for Fashion and Lifestyle

Today’s trend report is from Stylesight, a global trend forecasting agency that covers just about everything; runway, color. lifestyle, prints, fashion, interiors, culture and graphics. (Thought you might like to learn a bit more about what they do, so I’ve included their promotional video – which is pretty much an inspiration in itself – at the end of the post.) Below, you’ll find the top 5 incoming trend themes they’ve identified for the Spring Summer 2013 season: Clarity, Ashen, Nutopia and Subnation.

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It’s Something Personal

Having personalized stationery created can be SO tricky. It’s usually quite expensive, and often one needs to commit to a large quantity. When you do find something that’s affordable and printed in small runs, the actual design can leave much to be desired. Not so with Naomi Lynn. This charming Etsy shop offers a variety of customizable designs (the botanicals are my favorites) offered in your choice of colors at a very reasonable price. Cute packaging makes them a thoughtful gift, too.

Pretty Peony Personalized Folded Card Set, $13/8
Poppies Personalized Folded Card Set, $13/8
Leafy Stem Personalized Folded Card Set, $13/8
Botanical Sedum Personalized Folded Card Set, $13/8
Cat Eye Personalized Folded Card Set, $13/8
Dandelion Personalized Flat Card Set, $15/12
Dainty Flowers Personalized Flat Card Set, $15/12
Ornaments Personalized Flat Card Set, $15/12
Poppies Personalized Flat Card Set, $15/12

Today’s Track – The Sea, Morcheeba

On a hot, humid summer day like today, there’s really nothing I’d rather do than splash into some lovely ocean waters. However, being that Minneapolis is not terribly convenient to an actual coastline, I’ll have to settle for being washed over by waves of a chill-y bit of Euro trip-hop. The Sea by Morcheeba from the album Big Calm, 1998.

Beachy Keen

I know it’s a little late in the season to be discussing beach towels, but it’s only recently that I fully recognized how dramatically I’m missing out in this category. See, I have a collection of lovely Ralph Lauren beach towels; generously oversized, nicely thick, and in a variety of tasteful – yet conservative – stripe patterns. And then – I saw it – an Orla Kiely beach towel (I think most have you have come to know I have particular weakness for all things Orla…)! Which got me to thinking, “What else have I been missing out on?”… So here’s my shopping list of favorites for summer on the sand. (As always, click to shop!)

Orla Kiely Stem Jacquard Beach Towel, Aqua & Clementine, £35.00
Orla Kiely Stem Jacquard Beach Towel, Sunlight & Bubblegum, £35.00
Kate Spade Dive In Beach Towel, $78
Kate Spade Solar Beach Towel, $78
Tepper Jackson Aero Dot Black Beach Towel, $44
Jonathan Adler Orange and Pink George Beach Towel, $88
Jonathan Adler Waves Beach Towel, $88
Angela Adams Majesty Beach Towel, $19.99
Angela Adams Kenga Beach Towel, $19.99
Marks and Spencer Spotted Beach Towel, £12.00
Trina Turk Caprice Print Beach Towel, $78
Trina Turk Mirage Print Beach Towel, $78
Bloomingdales Typography Beach Towel, $29.99 (sale)
Target Damask Beach Towel, $14.99
Marimekko Unikko Turquoise and Lime beach Towel, $95
Tracy Reese Diamond Woodblock Oversize Beach Towel, $23.99 (sale)

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