Fall Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Color Trends – Women’s Contemporary

From Design Options, a remarkable, CA-based color forecasting company: a preview of upcoming fashion color trends for the Fall / Winter 2013 – 2014 seasons. The focus of this forecast is the women’s young contemporary market. Their outlook includes six distinct trends: Rising Star, Flashback, In Fine Print, Glam Slam, Avant Garde and Material Dreams. Quite beautiful, right? I for one am looking forward to this wave of palettes!

Today’s Track – Distant Lights, Ivy

A hot summer day like this calls for something lite and clubby. I could live without the highly annoying first 40 seconds or so; but it’s worth the wait if you’re in the mood for some bouncy indie-pop. Distant Lights by Ivy from the album All Hours, 2011.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

I’m struck by the incredible authenticity of these simple, elegant – yet modern – clay objects. Founded in 2009 by designer Lisa Jones, Pigeon Toe Ceramics creates works that are “naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming”. Each piece is handmade in their Portland studio and takes, on average, about 3 weeks from start to finish. Want to see the process in action? Take a moment to watch the romantically inspiring video at the end of this post.

Rocking Votives, $36
Scribble Hanging Planter, $70
Nesting Bowls, $166
Dent Bud Vase, $40
Stacking Thimble Cups, $42
Disk Chimes, $44
Large ($60) and Small ($46) Tripot
Airplant Wall Tiles, $40
Banded Bedside Carafe, $84

It’s a Beautiful Day

Yes, I realize that this video is actually an ad for activekidsclub.com. I usually try not to share a lot of commercials – unless of course they’ve won a British Arrow Award – and then I just can’t help myself. In this case, I’m breaking my self-imposed rule of thumb. This charming ditty is so brilliant in its simplicity and powerful in its message – which is especially critical to us grown ups, who tend to neglect the rejuvenating power of a good outdoor frolic. On a glorious summer day like this one, go ahead and make the time to get out there and play.

42 Pressed – All Star Letterpress

Yet another stand out at National Stationery Show in May. 42 Pressed is a little letterpress shop out of Florida run by designer Jackie Robinson. Her love for the craft of letterpress and adept passion for typography shine through in each product she creates. While her on-line shop is still under construction (for those of you wanting to buy “off the rack”), you can still order custom invites by visiting her studio here. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Today’s Track – Can You Get to That, Funkadelic

This week we’re going WAY old school; proving out the notion that really great music is pretty timeless. Virtually impossible to get through the song without a bit of soulful shoulder shaking. Can You Get To That by Funkadelic from the album Maggot Brain (a most unfortunate title, agreed?), 1971.

Off the Wall at ICFF

This year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC saw a huge increase in the number and diversity of wall coverings showcased. A little something for everyone, design-wise; Lovely and tasteful, refreshing and mod, quirky and kooky – while still others were just plain mad. (As the show is primarily to the trade, links will take you directly to the manufacturer/designer’s site)

Aimée Wilder – Brooklyn, NYC
Aimée Wilder – Brooklyn, NYC
Anabatey – London, UK
Avignon Wallcoverings – Phoenix, AZ
Avignon Wallcoverings – Phoenix, AZ
Double R Studio – NY, NY
Eskayel – Brooklyn, NY
Grow House Grow – Brooklyn, NY
Grow House Grow – Brooklyn, NY
Juju Papers – Portland, OR
Loboloup – Brooklyn, NY
Rollout – Toronto Canada
Rollout – Toronto Canada
Scrapwood Wallpaper – The Hague, Netherlands
Scrapwood Wallpaper – The Hague, Netherlands

Fall Winter 2013 Fashion and Color Trends – CIFF

From the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (Scandinavia’s largest): A look ahead at upcoming fashion trends and color stories for the Autumn Winter 2013 season. Their trend forecast includes four featured themes:

  • The New Romantics (Sentimental Subversion palette): “A candy coloured world with a whimsical air of youthful charm. Delicate pastels and vibrant acid nuances take centre stage in a fairy tale universe of frivolity and young romance, while buoyant silhouettes and ultra-light materials highlight a fresh elegance.”

  • Retro Maniacs (Super Ordinary palette) “The free-spirited, upbeat minds of the Retro Maniacs give them their distinct sense of style. Multiple multi-coloured prints embody their universe and pay tribute to the patterns of the 1960s. A rebellious attitude is evident in the reworking of classic silhouettes and a re-imagined celebration of the old.”

  • Seventy Somethings (Universal Glamour palette) “A sense of 1970s glamour and sophistication rules supreme for our Seventy Somethings. These are the lounge lovers of the luxury world. Studio 54 is the backdrop for our dazzling queens of the night, who sparkle in sequins, fur and killer heels. A sexy air of ruggedness describes our cosmopolitan playboy, who values double-breasted suits, rollnecks and a smart sportscar above all.”

  • Wild Things (Elevation palette) A longing for the natural is what drives the Wild Things. Chunky knits pay homage to the nomads of the north, while the warm colours of South American tribalwear appear on prints and patterns. An effortless approach to dressing is seen on the women’s side where the swathing of cosy materials around the body is key. Performance wear is the focal point for our man, who adopts the bohemian and sporty sense of styling of a modern-day traveller.”

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

My Dad, My Hero!

For most of us, our dads were the first legit superheros we ever knew. So, I thought a great father’s day idea would be to remind him of his status by helping round out his tool kit… in a non-Home Depot kinda way. Enter Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, a real-live shop in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, dedicated to upholding the heroic concept. (For those of us non-New Yorkers, they have a highly amusing web site for your superhero shopping needs as well.)

Today’s Track – Old Mythologies, The Barr Brothers

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d feature a contemporary track that my dad would have loved. Reminds me of the sounds of some of his folksy 1960’s favorites that filled our home when I was little. Old Mythologies by the Barr Brothers from their self-titled album, 2011.

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