Best of Show: Rosemary Rae Design Shop

Last week marked my 17th year of attending the National Stationery Show in New York. (I am overcome with the urge to insert lame cliché about the impossibility of that much time passing, but I am far too baffled by the statistic to produce a witticism.) I remember my first year – I was an exhibitor back then – vividly. New to my company, I found myself sitting alone at midnight in the darkness of the Javits’ main foyer watching a drill charge. Clearly, the most critical tasks were reserved for newbies like myself. Anyway, once the show opened, I was completely transported into an ocean of inspiration, thus sealing my life-long love affair with stationery products. I still get a buzz walking the show, but it’s different now. I’d estimate the general scale of the convention is about a third the size it was all those years ago, so there’s simply less merchandise to be bedazzled by. And I suppose I’m a bit tainted – having seen so much gorgeous paper product over the years – so it takes something really original to surprise me. This year, I found that special “wow” factor in a company called Rosemary Rae Design Shop. To me, this line stood out from the oodles of lovely indie letterpress offerings. It may be niche and singular in style; yet it is refreshingly bold and unexpected; thoughtfully designed by a talented typographer. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it on-line yet (website is coming though – click on any image to bookmark the site). Until then, I encourage you to relentlessly pressure your local specialty retailer into carrying the brand!

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