Best of Show: Rosemary Rae Design Shop

Last week marked my 17th year of attending the National Stationery Show in New York. (I am overcome with the urge to insert lame cliché about the impossibility of that much time passing, but I am far too baffled by the statistic to produce a witticism.) I remember my first year – I was an exhibitor back then – vividly. New to my company, I found myself sitting alone at midnight in the darkness of the Javits’ main foyer watching a drill charge. Clearly, the most critical tasks were reserved for newbies like myself. Anyway, once the show opened, I was completely transported into an ocean of inspiration, thus sealing my life-long love affair with stationery products. I still get a buzz walking the show, but it’s different now. I’d estimate the general scale of the convention is about a third the size it was all those years ago, so there’s simply less merchandise to be bedazzled by. And I suppose I’m a bit tainted – having seen so much gorgeous paper product over the years – so it takes something really original to surprise me. This year, I found that special “wow” factor in a company called Rosemary Rae Design Shop. To me, this line stood out from the oodles of lovely indie letterpress offerings. It may be niche and singular in style; yet it is refreshingly bold and unexpected; thoughtfully designed by a talented typographer. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it on-line yet (website is coming though – click on any image to bookmark the site). Until then, I encourage you to relentlessly pressure your local specialty retailer into carrying the brand!

All Work and Some Play

First post of many inspired by my visit to the National Stationery Show in New York City last week. Thought I’d kick things off with Girl of All Work, a collection of office accessories designed by an Art Center grad, who – after spending several months abroad – decided to live her dream and launch her own company. (As always, click to shop!)

Mariposa CD Keepers, $11.95
Ona Page Flags, $4.95
Raval Page Flags, $4.95
Seville Orange Book, $7.95
Desert Notations, $5.95
Decorative Wire Clips, $6.85
Decorative Wire Clips (detail)
Button Magnets, $7.95
Raval Softbooks, $6.95
Mosaic Numbers Address Book, $10.00
Page Pockets (Pink Poppy), $5.35

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends – Kids

Why do I find kid’s trends so inspiring? I guess because there’s usually such a wonderful sense of play, and vibrant color.  Design Options, a progressive and highly regarded color forecasting company based in Los Angeles, has released three themes expressing upcoming color trends in children’s fashion for the Spring Summer 2013 season: Artrageous, Electric Avenue, and Faded Glory.


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Today’s Track – Alice (Radio Edit), Moby

Thought I’d stick with the Harlem NYC theme for another week by featuring Moby – a perennial favorite of mine who just happens to have been born in the fine borough of Harlem. Alice (Radio Edit), by Moby from the album Last Night, 2008.

Protecting One’s Pad

I did it. I can now officially be counted among the over 16 million people who call themselves iPad owners. So, if you’re me, the first thing you do (before even installing any apps), is begin the quest for a suitable iPad cover. To be clear, I’m not the type who is willing to settle for whatever boring fare the electronics superstores have to offer. I long for something beautiful and unique, that’s an expression of my personal aesthetic. Turns out, this is not as simple as one might think. I figured since there are countless, amazing iPhone cases, surely the same would be true for iPads, right? It only stands to reason that if folks want fabulous for their phones, they just might crave the same for their tablet. But this line of thinking does not seem to have caught on at retail. I was totally let down by my local specialty stores (you know who you are!). I was boggled that nary a one carried iPad accessories, let alone anything noteworthy. Resorting to web shopping (thereby eliminating the possibility of immediate gratification) I fared only slightly better. What gives? Designers, manufacturers, retailers; I implore you: we need some awesome in the iPad case/carrier/portfolio/sleeve category! Anyway, here’s what I’ve sound so far: (As always, click to shop!)

Kate Spade Fingers iPad Folio, $85
Kate Spade Rainspot iPad Sleeve, $50
Jonathan Adler Gothic Rose iPad Zipper Case, $28
Jonathan Adler Watergate iPad Zipper Case, $28
Jonathan Adler silicone iPad Cover, $29.95
M-Edge Pop iPad Sleeve, $29.99
Rogue Theory Techee iPad Sleeve, $35
Marc by Marc Jacobs Batik iPad Case, $68
Tech Candy Barcelona iPad Case, $50
Gadget Glamour Moon Flower iPad Sleeve, $34.95
Case Closed UK Fitted Wool Felt iPad Sleeve, $46
Orla Kiely Rotating iPad Folio, $105
Orla Kiely Rotating iPad Folio, $105 (inside)

AIGA MN 2012 Design Show Highlights

I had the chance to attend the AIGA MN Design Show opening two weeks ago (I actually won the ticket on Twitter!). Fun to see familiar faces and scope out what the judges deemed the best the Twin Cities has to offer. Below you’ll find some of my favorites. (Click on the image to be transported to the designer’s site; see a full list of the winners HERE.)

Curative Poster, Target iNHouse
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Packaging, Cue
Iron Beasts Book Cover, Studio On Fire
AIGA Design Show 2011 Logo/Poster, Werner Design Werks
Blu Dot Swap Meet, Mono
British Arrow Awards Poster, Walker Art Center In House
AIGA Insights 2011 Poster, Walker Art Center In House
AIGA Portfolio 1:1 Direct Mail, Little & Company
Rish River Brewing Company Packaging, Westwerk Design
My Burger Environmental Design, FAME
Postcards from America, Michael Alberman & Emmet Byrne (Detail)
Postcards from America, Michael Alberman & Emmet Byrne
Joia All Natural Soda Packaging, Spunk Design Machine
Genetic Modification Poster (Student Work), Sherri Days

Today’s Track – How Come You Don’t Call Me? (Live), Alicia Keys

Today, I’m moving to Harlem. Well, for the weekend, anyway. We’ve rented a flat on 118th street in NYC – just a few doors down from the brownstone where Milton Berle was born (random, but true). So I started thinking about the intersection of Minneapolis and Harlem… and I’ve found it in the form of today’s track: Harlem-born Alicia Keys performing (live) a song written by Minneapolis native, Prince. How Come You Don’t Call Me (Anymore)? by Alicia Keys from the album Unplugged, 2005.

Out of Iowa

Dubbed “the best little press in Iowa”, the Permanent Collection is a letterpress studio that combines vintage woodblock printing with oh-so-modern typography. I’m especially fond of their broadside prints with small town flavor.

The Country Life 8″x10″ letterpress print, $26.50
French Bird Proverb 11″ x 17″ letterpress print, $30
Mixed Up Type 11″ x 17″ letterpress print, $25
Love 11″ x 17″ letterpress Print, $32
London 11″ x 17″ letterpress print, $20
Home Sweet Home 11″ x 17″ letterpress print, $50
Set of 50 – 4×6 flat custom monogram cards w/ envelopes, $85

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