Delectably Designed Desserts

To the dismay of many of my more “foodie” readers, I rarely highlight tasty treats on these pages. However, I couldn’t resist the temptation to share these amazingly graphic masterpieces! These stunningly styled cakes, cookies and cupcakes are made by Modern Bite, a Los Angeles bakery that brings an artistic flair to their savory goods. (As always, click to shop!)

Modern Bite Star Celebration Cake, $185
Modern Bite Spring Dance Cake, $100
Modern Bite Ilene's Triumph, $125
Modern Bite Festive Fireside Ornaments Cake, $100
Modern Bite Cupcakes, Design Collection #2, $45/12
Modern Bite Cupcakes, Design Collection #3, $45/12
Modern Bite Blue Cookie Gift Box, $30 (4 large, 8 mini)
Modern Bite Magenta Cookie Gift Box, $30 (4 large, 8 mini)
Modern Bite Deluxe Cookie Gift Box, $110/36; 9 each of 4 designs

Today’s Track – Your Head Is On Fire, Broken Bells

Trying to buy music at Colette in Paris can be dodgy business. I had what I thought would be a perfectly good CD in my hand, when clever sales person approached. Maintaining intense eye contact, he slipped the aforementioned CD out of my hand and replaced it with this one. Then gave a single nod as if to say “vous me remercierez plus tard” (you’ll thank me later) and off he went. I’ve been thanking him ever since. Your Head is On Fire by Broken Bells from their self titled album, 2010.

Skoope Up Some Textiles

Spring has sprung, and many of us are looking for a simple way to re-engerize our decor without breaking the bank. A zesty zip of vibrant color and bold pattern might do the trick nicely. Atlanta’s Skoope Home makes it easy to update what you’ve already got with their energetic textile collection.

Set of 2 - 18"x18" Pillow Covers, $50
Set of 2 - 16" x 16" Pillow Covers, $30
Kitchen Wall Organizer, $60
Set of 2 - 18" x 18" Pillow Covers, $50
Set of 4 - 16" x 16" Pillow Covers, $60
Set of 4 - 20" x 20" Pillow Covers, $95
Set of 4 Napkins & 4 Placemats, $50
Lampshade Cover, $25

Today’s Track – Somersault, Zero 7 / Danger Mouse Remix

Sia Furler’s amazing voice and Zero 7’s mastery of downtempo chill combined with Brian Burton’s knack for producing magnetic hip hop? Be still my heart. Somersault by Zero 7 – remixed by Danger Mouse from the album Somersault EP, 2004.

For The Bag Ladies

It’s tote season. One might consider a new companion to accompany you to the farmers’ market, the beach, a picnic, or a mini road trip. Here are a few of my favorites to get you in the mood to partake of spring’s little moments. (As always, click to shop!)

Angela Adams - Kenga Canvas Mailbag, $85
Angela Adams - Lulu Canvas Mailbag, $85
Blue Q - Kiss Overnighter, $17.99
Blue Q - Pulse Shoulder Tote, $14.99
See Designs - Big Wheels Canvas Circle Tote, $78
See Designs - Big Wheels Square Tote, $70
Hable Construction - Charcoal Cosmos Picnic Tote, $165
Hable Construction - Turquoise Rope Weekender, $190
Jane Marvel - Sunshine All Day Long Tote, $112
Lady Alamo - Blossom Silkscreened Cotton Canvas Tote, $32
Lotta Jansdotter - Echo Double Strap Tote, $58
Lotta Jansdotter - Moira Double Strap Tote, $58
Morris & Essex - Green Flowers Large Canvas Shoulder Tote, $60
Orla Kiely - Tarpaulin Print Tillie Bag, $115
Petunia Pickle Bottom - Delightful Dubrovnik Shopper Tote, $12

Making it Count

This may not have been what Nike expected when they asked Casey Neistat and Max Joseph to make a short film about what it means to “Make It Count”, but it’s pretty effective, nonetheless. Peppered with awesome quotes, this viral little video follows the pair’s adventures through 13 countries over the course of 10 days. A dose of pure moxie.

Spring 2012 Patterns from Galbraith and Paul

Galbraith & Paul is one of my all time favorite textile design studios; their hand-printed fabrics are beyond dreamy. As a matter of fact, my fervor for their wares resulted in a flight to NYC, and a road trip – through two states in a blizzard – to Philadelphia, for their annual sample sale. I proceeded to fill an empty suitcase with 49 pounds worth of pillows, and whiled away the midnight hour at a Kinko’s in Manhattan, packaging up pendant lights to ship home. They recently released their Spring 2013 collection of new textile patterns: Lotus, Monarch, Pomegranate & Ribbon. While these are far more traditional in flavor than the original designs that built their brand (which I strongly prefer), they still manage a touch of whimsey.

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