A Shop of Irish Design

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought we’d peruse an assortment of products created in Ireland. I selected the following pieces from Irish Design Shop; a retailer with two stores in Dublin (as well as an on-line shop) specializing in ceramics, woodwork, textiles, jewelry and furniture that’s handmade by local artisans. Founded in 2008 by two women who themselves are jewelers, Irish Design Shop features a thoughtfully edited collection of design-led products in a charming, unpretentious environment. (As always, click to shop! All prices are in Euros.)

Ash Tree Lino Print on Linen, €58.00, by Gail Kelly
Tree Felt Placemats, set of 2/€12.50, by All Joy Design
Hex Hand-Dyed Nylon Ring in Orange, €78
Hand-Painted Earthenware Mug, €44
Hedgehog Pile Lino Print, €30
Palm Lampshades, €50
Hazel Tree Note Card, €2.50, by Gail Kelly
Small Hand-Built Earthenware Bowl, €44
Striped Skinny Cashmere/Wool Scarf, €36, by Heather Finn
Spinal Nylon, Hand-Dyed Ring in Blue, €88

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