Climbing the Walls

For the longest time, I couldn’t really get behind wall decals. Something about using them seemed like cheating, you know? Besides that, up until a few years ago the selection on the market left much to be desired. But, as will happen, things change. These days, there are actually a host of kicky, modern options out there for the adventurous DIY decorator. So, I guess I’m ready to embrace the concept of grown-ups putting stickers on their walls. Who’s with me? (As always, click to shop!)

Single Stone Studios - Rococo Pattern, $43
Nursery Wall Art - Tree with Owls, $89.99
Paris Walls - Dandelion, $45
Single Stone Studios - ee cummings Human Spirit quote, $48
Pop and Lolli - Noah's African Circus Animals, $191
Single Stone Studios - Modern Meadow, $75
ADzif – Lotta Jansdotter Lek, $48
ADzif – Paolo plays hide and seek, $48
ADzif – Garden by Maira Chiodi, $48
Studio Wall Art – Mums, $54
Magic Wall - Home Sweet Home Bar Code, $69
Single Stone Studios - Cattails, $65
NouWall - New Style Chandelier , $49
Simple Shapes - Cherry Blossom Tree, $149

A Room with a Hue

My bucket list just increased by one. As those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while may have figured out, I have a serious appetite for funky, design-y, boutique hotels. (“Serious appetite” is, obviously, code for “chronic obsession”.) So it should come as no surprise that, upon discovering the Pantone hotel, I have been trying to figure out how to rationalize a trip to Brussels. The opportunity to pick your room by the proper color to compliment your mood – for way under $150 bucks a night? Completely irresistible.

Today’s Track – Come Fly Away, Benny Benassi

I spent last week with a dear, old (and by that I mean “long-time”, not terribly aged) friend, known for delivering direct and impactful feedback. You know those people who can effortlessly call you on your shit while being genuinely sweet and non-judgemental about it? For me, he’s one of them. Anyway, his words of wisdom were: “Perfect is the Enemy of Done“. Hmm… Guess I have been over-thinking at the expense of any actual idea execution. So, today’s track is part of the soundtrack to my action plan. (Yes, I needed a proper play list in order to get motivated. That’s just what I’m like.) Uplifting, with a sense of urgency. A clubby beat to amp the intensity and inspire a quickened pace, but still kinda dreamy. Repetitive, but not to the point of tears. And with that, I’m off to get stuff done. Come Fly Away by Benny Benassi (Soha and Adam K remix) from the album Ultra Trance, 2009. (Confessional: I couldn’t bare to use the skanky bikini-clad album artwork from Ultra Trance 9, but also couldn’t bring myself to use the track from Benny’s remix album, which is too long and has some annoying bits. So I’ve taken artistic liberty to mix & match.)

Honing the Art of Creativity

Oh, how I wish I had seen this video in the early years of my career. I definitely went through a period of stumbling on the path to finding my voice and maturity as a designer. It’s so comforting to discover most of us creative-types go through the same frustrating growth process as we attempt to cultivate sophistication in our work and pursue our dreams. Thank you, Ira Glass, for your words of wisdom, and to designer David Shiyang Liu for putting those words into motion.

Oh, Happy Chair!

A Fab flash sale introduced me to the colorful concoctions of Shawna Robinson, the creative energy behind Happy Chair. Based in Charlotte, NC, Shawna gives new life to shabby furniture by blending fabric patterns and hip hues to produce exhilarating, one of a kind pieces. Due to the individual nature of these kicky chairs, the exact designs shown here may not be available for purchase; however, one click of the image and you’ll be transported to the Happy Chair website where you can see what’s in stock today. (You can also visit the Happy Chair Etsy shop!)

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion and Print Trends

New York’s Fashion Snoops is a well-known global trend research company for the fashion industry, who’s goal is to make their forecasts both inspiring and actionable. Below you’ll find their take on the 5 most promising upcoming trend themes in women’s fashion for Spring Summer 2013.

The defining decade here is the 20’s; featuring flapper looks with dropped waists, glitzy embellishment, deco patterns, plunge necklines, fringe and slip dresses.
Part bohemia and part rebel. Expect flowing maxi skirts and dresses, patchwork vests, cut off jean shorts, one shoulder silhouettes, vintage US flag graphics and fringe details.
Brilliant botanicals in bloom abound! Look for romanic floral prints on all key wardrobe essentials, including outrageously patterned pants. Make a wild bouquet by mixing pieces together.
Olympic fever strikes and athletic influences abound. Red, white and blue score big, along with preppy stripes, jersey numbers, pieced construction and color blocking.
Lush, tropical florals in saturated hues engulf everything from maxi dresses to jumpsuits. Beach silhouettes like halter and sarong, as well as asymmetrical hemlines are key.

Today’s Track – Down to the Sea, Tim Booth

On this fine day, I find myself oceanside; sipping a savory blendy drink on the beach in Mexico. Yet this trip is less so about reenacting spring breaks from years gone by. Instead, I’m unearthing a bit of inner refreshment; discovering some clarity; reenergizing. Made me think of the lyrics of this song: “My head’s full of self-pity and noise; I need a clean me; I need a new voice”. Yes, this is a very good place to be indeed. Down to the Sea by Tim Booth from the album Bone, 2005.

Television Icons

I was totally amused by this series of posters on exhibit at the Walker Art Center last month. Created by Austrian designer Albert Exergian, each print boils the essence of a popular American TV series down to a simple graphic element. (It’s worth noting I had no idea US popular culture played big in Vienna…) Modernist. Minimalist. And most certainly cheeky. Prices range between £30-£120, depending on size desired.

Be Still My Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Above, you’ll find a peek at the mini-Valentines I made to mark the occasion (anything can be accomplished with some vellum and ribbon!). Thought we’d celebrate with two charmingly simple, stop-motion videos featuring paper hearts. Enjoy!

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