Getting the Holidays all Wrapped Up

Hopefully, you’ve got the bulk of your holiday shopping behind you and are moving into phase 2: the official gift beautification process. Through which – if done correctly, can lift even the most mundane of presents (did my hubby really ask Santa for deodorant?) to the sublime. Here are a few lovely contenders to get you started…

Smock Paper Mistletoe double-sided gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Smock Paper Pagent double-sided gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Marimekko Praliini Silver Gift Wrap, $7.95/roll
Oopsy Daisy - Handprinted kraft wrap, $4.50
Paper Source Red Winter Berries gift wrap, $2.50/sheet, $7.95/roll
Target Blue Green Holiday Pattern gift wrap. $2.50/roll
Target Modern Ornaments gift wrap, $2.50/roll
Whimsy Press Modern Wonderland double-sided gift wrap, $4.50/sheet
Winter Trees recycled gift wrap, $7.95/roll
Whimsy Press Festive Forrest double-sided gift wrap, $4.50/sheet
Emily Hogarth UK Christmas Robin gift wrap, approx. $3.25/sheet
Heidi Pine Cone gift wrap $9.99/4 sheets
Heidi Dovey gift wrap, $9.99/4 sheets

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