Today’s Track – Passing By, Zero 7

I am eternally grateful to the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC. Without which, I may not have discovered Britain’s Zero 7. It was 2001, and finding indie music was a bit more challenging in those dark days before iTunes. I suppose I was in New York for one gift show or another… After a day of trend stomping, I took to the respite of my lovely home-away-from-home to find they had provided a number of CD’s for my listening pleasure. One of them happened to be Simple Things, Zero 7’s debut album, which I popped in the player and proceeded to listen to over and over and over through the rest of my stay. Needless to say, I took it home with me, and became a zealot. No one does downtempo chill better. No one. Passing By by Zero 7, from the album When It Falls, 2004.

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