Pots, Please.

I’m a pottery nut. Ever since I was little, when my parents and I would drive around in the country, stopping by potters’ studios. Back in the day, you’d have a self-guided experience exploring all the wonderful bits of clay, taking what you wanted and leaving money in the jar. (And, yes, there are still some places where you can do that today.) A few years back, I discovered the whimsical world of Sarah Dudgeon, a potter whose playful work immediately spoke to my personal aesthetic. If you’re captivated by her amazing style as well (or need a gift idea for an aspiring blogger), I suggest a road trip to Amery, Wisconsin, December 10 & 11, 10am-5pm, to visit her open studio. See you there!

Today’s Track – Passing By, Zero 7

I am eternally grateful to the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC. Without which, I may not have discovered Britain’s Zero 7. It was 2001, and finding indie music was a bit more challenging in those dark days before iTunes. I suppose I was in New York for one gift show or another… After a day of trend stomping, I took to the respite of my lovely home-away-from-home to find they had provided a number of CD’s for my listening pleasure. One of them happened to be Simple Things, Zero 7’s debut album, which I popped in the player and proceeded to listen to over and over and over through the rest of my stay. Needless to say, I took it home with me, and became a zealot. No one does downtempo chill better. No one. Passing By by Zero 7, from the album When It Falls, 2004.

Old McDonald Never Had It So Good

Jean Orlebeke, an Oakland, CA-based designer, founded eieio studio with the idea that “in no uncertain terms, you are the paper you wrap with”. Amen to that. So, if you’re progressive, quirky and unique, her line is the perfect means of self-expression. While you can’t buy direct from their site – yet (although I understand that’s coming) – they do have a store finder function for those of you lucky enough to be in markets they’ve conquered.

Kiddo Colors

More color insights from Design Options, a progressive and highly regarded color forecasting company based in Los Angeles. This time, they’ve published four new themes expressing Children’s Color Trends for Autumn / Winter 2012-2013. Makes me want to be a kid again…


Today’s Track – Duet, Ganjasufi

A couple friends of mine are heading to California today. I am mostly envious because I’ll be missing out on everyone’s company. Of course, the fact that I had to resort to wearing a down jacket for the first time this season may also be influencing my thirst for the L.A. sunshine. So, why not kick back with some deeply mellow, California-made, lo-fi psychedelic hip-hop? Have fun guys; this one’s for you. Duet by Ganjasufi from the album A Sufi and a Killer, 2010.

Rose Hips(ter)

I generally think of roses as being desperately stodgy. But in the right hands, that traditional flower appears to be blooming* into a rather hip – and almost edgy – motif. (*I couldn’t help myself with the dreadfully cliched pun there. Please forgive and forget.)

John Lewis Blossom Cushion
Heist Tea Rose Knuckle Ring
Blue Root Press Lambswool Scarflette
Butter Sophia Pump
Dwell Chrome Rose Vase
Limon Bijoux Flower Hairpins
Valentino Shiny Napa Rose Bag
Anthropologie Rose of Sharon Grand Vase
Ring I bought for $10 bucks off the street in NYC

A Lotta Linens

Ever notice that it can be virtually impossible to find unexpected, modern fabric? You know, the kind of thing that “Joann” simply doesn’t serve up. This is especially true if you’d prefer not to take out a second mortgage to fund your textile project. Well, how does a collection by one of the design industry’s most intriguing and creative textile designers strike you? Swedish native Lotta Jansdotter is now offering a few of her patterns on 100% cotton, quilting weight fabric for $11/ yard. (Nope, That’s not a typo.) Happy sewing.

I’m Such a Heal’s…

There’s nothing I’d like more right now than to be sitting in a London flat, near Chelsea, sipping a lovely cup of tea. After which, I’d spring up for a stroll down the King’s Road to check out what Heal’s has to offer to spruce up my home this season. Alas, that not being the case, an electronic perusal of their key trends for fall will have to do… for now.

Perfectly Natural
Berry Chic
Scandinavian Celebration
More Scandinavian Celebration

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