Something to See

IMHO, New York City is a brutal place to be when it’s hot, humid and raining. In wet Manhattan, a stroll through central park lacks appeal, the subway becomes one big convection oven that smells like feet, and I completely lose the will to explore undiscovered corners of the city. It was one of those depressingly dark and rainy days last week when I took refuge in the Javits Center. Joy of joys, my spirits were lifted upon discovery of See Design, a new range by textile designer Donna Gorman. The bright colors and whimsical yet modern patterns righted the bleakness imposed by the weather and inspired a summery state of mind. Before starting her own business, Donna was the VP of Licensing and Design for Marimekko, and created textile collections for companies like Target, Crate and Barrel and Dansk. At this time, she sells exclusively wholesale; meaning, if you want to purchase, you have to find an independent retailer who carries the goods. (As of yet, she doesn’t have a store finder function on her website to make this an easy task – Donna, you’re killin’ me here.) Although, I suppose the hunt is half the fun of shopping, right?

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