Cabin Fever

I just returned from a holiday on the shores of Lake Superior. It’s cabin season afterall, and seemingly people everywhere are flocking to their Northwoods escapes in droves. The thing is, when people start decorating these charming abodes, they appear to be overtaken by an unnatural urge to surround themselves with all sorts of kitsch: fish plaques, dubious paintings of lighthouses, bear figurines and other unfortunate expressions of nature.

May I suggest some alternatives that satisfy the need to express a back-to-nature theme while keeping one foot in the design world? (As always, click on the image to start shopping!)

Oh Deer Poster from Urban Belle Decor, NYC
Log Pile Cushion by Roddy & Ginger, London UK
Bird Clock from Urban Outfitters
Modern Patio Chair by Todd Fillingham, Wisconsin
Wood Grain Steel Magnet/Dry Erase Board by Ekoh Design, Oregon
Squirrel Candleholder by Johnathan Adler, NYC
Ocean Seagrass Wool Rug by Angela Adams, Maine
Birch Evening Wool Rug, by Angela Adams, Maine
Silhouette Cocoa Bedding Set by Dwell Studio

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