Today’s Track – Come Closer, Parov Stelar

Today I’m decidedly mellow. Not really blue, per say, but in the mood for some Austrian chill. Come Closer by Parov Stelar with vocals by Kristina Lindberg on the album “Shine”, 2007.

Smock Wrap

In May, at the New York Stationery Show, I became very enamoured of an awesome little paper company called Smock. Everything about them seems so authentic and fresh; their branding, design style, and even philosophies (“We’re trying to make the world better right now”). My favorite part of their line has to be the double sided wrapping paper, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Yummy.

Dwell in the Past

I am VERY happy to report that Dwell Studio – purveyors of fine bed linens – has relaunched some of their original designs under a collection they call “Vintage”. This is delightful for a number of reasons; the main one being that I need to replace a pillowcase or two, but also because it was becoming challenging to find simple, modern graphic patterns. They’ve also added a couple new patterns much more reminiscent of the aesthetic that built their brand.

I can’t help it… I’m smitten.

First of all, I could never even walk in these shoes. This fact renders the practicality of such a purchase in the nil zone, though that hasn’t stopped me before. They are Glorious (note use of cap, for dramatic effect). Suede, patent, color blocking, and the kickiest orange heel I’ve seen in a while unite to make me pine for fall. Made in Spain by the folks at Kron by Kronkron, and available at Anthropologie for $488.00. Tempted?

A Way with Words

As a bonified type-geek, I find myself totally drawn to the multitude of handmade posters featured on Etsy these days. Simple design, brilliant colors and charming messages. I could live with that.

Live What You Love Woodblock Letterpress Print by Heartfish Press
Te Amo Hand-pulled Letterpress print by The Big Harumph
Little Moments letterpress print by Becausemaybe
All Glory Comes letterpress print by Happy Deliveries

Knitting Time

Flipping through the KLM in-flight magazine en route from Amsterdam to Paris, I came across this intriguing clock design. The 365 Knitting Clock was designed by Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen as an alternative way to visualize time. Each half hour, it adds a new mesh knitting, equalliing one line per day. After the course of one year, a 6 1/2 foot long scarf has been created. This may be just the thing to satisfy my casual relationship with time.

Un Petit Luxe.

When I was in high school, I wore Chanel Lipstick in a color called Tibet. It was a bright, obnoxious, purple-cast fuchsia with a hint of sparkle. It came in a bright blue tube, and was my pride and joy. Let’s be clear, I had very little money. Luxury items were simply not part of the equation back then. Well… save one, that is. Yes, that tube of Tibet cost 5X the amount of a drugstore version. But that amounted to, say, at the time, $12 bucks. Without sacrificing much, I could treat myself to an exceptional product that would make me feel wonderful everyday. I guess that’s when it began; the idea that little luxuries are often within reach.

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