Today’s Track – Me and Lazarus, Iron and Wine

Today I’m nostalgic for a mix tape (yes, a mix TAPE) I had in college called apartment 23 (my dwelling at the time).  The alt-folksyness of this takes me back. Me and Lazarus by Iron and Wine from the album “Kiss Each Other Clean”, 2011.

Just a thought

Can something be done about the word “Fashionista”? Could we ban together to outlaw its use? What once was a sort of cute and telling expression (when used in moderation) now sounds profoundly cheesy. Yet, alarmingly, it doesn’t appear to be going away. Like “Diva” before her, this linguistic fad is O-V-E-R, and definitely ready for a reinvention. Also: Fierce. I could be done with that too.

RIP Triangle Studios

One of the reasons I started this blog was to highlight the amazing design talents out there who create dreamy products for specialty retail. Without whom, well, eventually we’d be left with only the choices available to us at Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s a bleak prognosis. I remember, years ago, a fabulous company called Triangle Studios that I stumbled upon at the New York Gift Fair. They produced extraordinary cotton voile shower curtains – modern, simple. (I own two of them, as well as a host of window coverings and table runners of their design.) And then – poof – they were gone. That was a sad, sad day. They had provided fabulous solutions for a woefully underserved market niche (one that exists to this day). Sure, they were spendy, but in the end, not enough design-minded people even knew about them to support the business. I intend to highlight Brilliant Brands and Indie Designers with the hopes that you’ll find the fashions, decor, gifts and stationery products as irresistible as I do, and we can keep them in business for a long, long time.

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