Earn ‘Yer Sticker Today!


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Hello everyone! Today’s column is a friendly reminder to get out to the polls today (if you haven’t already) – and encourage others to do the same! To make it super easy, I’m including a few of my favorites from this year’s AIGA “Get Out the Vote” campaign that you can print & post! (There are lots more to choose from by a bevy of talented designers in their on-line gallery too!)


Yahalomis Ceramics


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Discovered these exquisite ceramics from Yahalomis,  a brand founded by a Tel-Aviv based pair of designer-makers. Love the simple yet unique forms and dusty, matte finish. (As always, click to shop!)


Vase, $95


Set of 2 Planters, $33


Flower Vase, $30


Set of 2 Lava Stone + Ceramic Candlesticks, $105 

Today’s Track -10,000 Emerald Pools, BØRNS


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Not sure why I had to travel to Europe to discover this Los Angeles-via-Michigan artist, but I’m glad I did. Another Shazam win! 10,000 Emerald Pools by BØRNS from the album Dopamine, 2015.


Today’s Track – Under Control, The Internet



It’s getting increasingly busy at work – a swirling hurricane of new ideas and deadlines and mounting to do lists. So, this aptly titled dose of R&B feels right as a reminder that “we got this”. Under Control by The Internet from the Album Ego Death, 2015.


Today’s Track – The Past and the Pending, The Shins


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I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which is actually when I have the most dedicated time to just chill under the earphones. This track’s been in constant rotation as a mellowing agent… The Past and the Pending by the Shins from the album Oh, Inverted World, 2001.


Branding Trig


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Sydney-based Olivia King is the designer behind this lovely example of branding and packaging design for Trig, a jewelry company where the pieces are designed by individual customers using a personalization app.

“Using a selection of native Australian materials, and hand-painted wood, the first prototype designs were endless; I realised the potential for the project where the designs were those of the customers themselves. Using the Trig app, each piece is unique the tastes and style of those making them, with colour, shape and material options available in multiple variations.”