Atlanta Gift Show, July 2016 – part 2


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Another batch of Atlanta goodness!


Atlanta Gift Show, July 2016 – part 1


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The Atlanta Gift Fair is one of my favorites. Mostly because everything you can imagine is represented there! The diversity of styles is incredible and allows for unedited inspiration.





Sweets for Swedes


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Love this concept packaging for the Swedish launch of Mochiice, a Japanese dessert ice-cream. Kind of an 80’s flashback, updated for today.

Designers: Natasha FrolovaLouise Olofsson and Jessica Sjöstedt
Location: Karlstad, Sweden


Po-Mo Video



Okay, I know. This is totally weird. I guess I was just in the mood for something absurdly post modern, and this experimental short (created by Terri Timely and Park Pictures) fits the bill!

Nashville Shopping Tour, part 1


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Last week I had a chance to cruise around Nashville, visiting a bunch of awesome little shops. It’s a very fun city for retail, with a unique design sensibility all its own!

Back to Collage


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Stumbled upon these beautiful collages created by Australian artist Lee McKenna, and found them irresistible and inspiring. Check out more of her work on Tumblr or by visiting Boom Gallery.

My collages embrace the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper. These papers depict moments in time – often bearing marks and traces of a past life and the human hand. I ‘rescue’ these unwanted fragments, creating layers and building connections into some sort of new, elusive and unpredictable thing. The process is wholly tactile – nothing is digital. I like the restrictions that this creates… the hand-cutting and gluing down, the use of only original papers and ephemera. Elements are added or removed, or covered over and reworked. Ideas and narratives may emerge, but often a series is initiated through the acquisition of a certain type of raw material – an old photo album, a stash of old maps, a pile of old postcards…

Lee Collages

In Gratitude


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I just watched this video for the first time over the weekend – I was really needing a dose of joy with all that’s going on in our world, and so this lovely reminder about generating happiness seemed like the right thing.


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